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I'm really excited to bring something new to you!


​I first heard about permanent jewellery last year at a permanent makeup conference I attended.


​I really liked the idea of a pretty, dainty bracelet that I could keep on without worrying about the clasp breaking and losing it.  


Now I'm ready to bring you beautiful jewellery with no fiddly, unsightly clasps. 


​And it's not just bracelets either - elegant necklaces and anklets are available too! 


Plus, you can add lovely charms or connectors to really personalise your jewellery. ​​


  • Choose your favourite chain from a range of styles - I have sterling silver or gold filled.

  • Pick any charms you would like to add.

  • I will then measure your chain to it you perfectly, before joining the two ends with a tiny welded jump ring, giving you a seamless join - and voila!  No ugly clasps in sight!


  • Only available for ages 18+

  • May not be suitable if you have any allergies to metals / alloys - contact me for a chat.

  • Not suitable if you are fitted with a pacemaker.

  • Chains can easily be removed by snipping through the jump ring with nail clippers or snippers. Keep your chain safe and you can come back to have it re welded when you're ready.

new website coming Mid may

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