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Scars - Burns - Skin 
Camouflage & Relaxation

A lot of emotions can be triggered just by looking at a scar, skin graft, or burn on your body - often reminders of a trauma you went through, or perhaps feelings of anguish, low self-esteem and lack of confidence when you see yourself  in the mirror. 

Scar and skin camouflage can be a solution, using medical tattooing to introduce skin-tone pigments into the skin, helping to minimise the differences in skin tone so that they are less noticeable. 

As well as any visual differences, you may also be experiencing scar tightness/contracture which can be uncomfortable and may be limiting your range of movement in the affected area. Scar relaxation therapy can help break down your tough scar tissue, release the tightness, and flatten raised scars - with the added bonus that treatment can trigger your body to add colour back into pale, white scars.

Below are just some of the concerns I can help you with. If you have an issue that is not listed here, please contact me.

trauma scars - Surgery Scars - Acne Scars - Stretch Marks - Vitiligo- Cleft Lip - Skin Graft-
Syndactyly - belly button recreation - Radiation Marker Camouflage

treatments available

For all MCA and camouflaging treatments, multiple sessions are required to achieve the best results and are spaced out sufficiently for adequate healing between treatments.

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