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Scalp Micropigmentation

pricing information

SMP pricing varies according to the size and complexity of the area(s) to be treated.


I offer the following:

  • Price estimate based on client-provided photos

  • Fixed Price Quotation on Consultation

  • Complimentary 3-Month Check Up 

Male SMP Healed
Female SMP Density.jpg

 Your needs are specific and personal to you, so it's only natural that I need to see  the areas you would like me to treat before I can provide you with a price. 

If you send me several clear, in-focus images, I can usually give you a best to worst-case price estimate as a guide for how much your treatment is likely to cost.

Better still, if you come in and see me for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, I can chat to you about your expectations and provide you with a fixed price for your treatment.

Fixed pricing is based on you having up to 3 treatment sessions, plus I offer a complimentary check up 3 months after your last treatment session so I can check how things are looking. Your check up includes up to 30 minutes additional treatment time in case any final minor tweaks are needed. 

smp pricing guideline

The below is intended only as a rough guide.

Please send me some photos if you would like a personal estimate, or book a complimentary consultation if you would like a fixed price for your treatment. 

stage 1:     N/A

stages 2 & 3:    £450-£750

stages 4-7:   £900-£1,950

stage 8:   £2,100- £2,500

stage 1:     N/A

stages 2-4:    £300-£800

stages 5-7:   £900-£1,500

stage 8:   £1,650- £1,950

FUE/FUT scar camouflage


Scar camouflage


Alopecia Areata


* Pricing dependent on size and number of patches to be treated and may be more than guideline shown.

Please contact me for an estimate specific to your requirements.

Payment for your  Fixed Price Treatment:

A non-refundable booking fee of £100 is required to secure each appointment.

I recommend you book all three sessions up front so that your treatment can be completed in an appropriate timescale and there is not too long of a gap between sessions.


The remaining balance of your fixed treatment price can either be paid up front,  or by two equal instalments with each being payable after treatment sessions 1 and 2. 

The full balance (less any booking fees paid) must be paid, regardless of whether or not you complete your treatment. 

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