Scars - Burns - Skin Grafts
Therapy & Camouflage

A lot of emotions can be triggered just by looking at a scar, skin graft, or burn on your body - often reminders of a trauma you went through, or perhaps feelings of low self-esteem and lack of confidence when you see yourself  in the mirror.


Let me help you heal with MCA / Microneedling and camouflage, the best way to conceal and blend skin grafts, burns, surgical & trauma scars, self harm scars, cleft lip scarring and other skin traumas

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MCA (Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation, or Microneedling) triggers your body's natural response to produce collagen which can help to flatten any raised scarring and relax any tightness. 

This will improve the appearance of your scar or burn and may also help relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing from constriction.

MCA can also trigger your body to produce melanin which can re-pigment the affected skin helping to reduce the "whiteness" of your scar so that it is less visible.

For all MCA and camouflaging treatments, multiple sessions are required to achieve the best results and are spaced out sufficiently for adequate healing between treatments.


If you have a scar, burn or skin graft that bothers you, why not book a COMPLIMENTARY NO OBLIGATION consultation and come and see me for a chat?  


You can tell me what your concerns are and what you would hope to achieve from having treatment. After examining your skin,  I will recommend a treatment plan and provide a treatment price.


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When no further natural re-pigmentation  is possible from MCA, if your scar is still quite visible, pigment may be used to help camouflage the area so that it matches more closely with the surrounding skin. This will make it less noticeable (a bit like a permanent concealer)!

Camouflaging is especially effective  for treating skin grafts which can be obvious due to their colour being very different to that of the surrounding skin. By adding carefully matched coloured pigments to the grafted skin, it more closely matches the surrounding healthy tissue, making the graft less visible.

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If you have had surgery to treat a cleft lip but have been left with visible scarring , or if you feel your lips still don't look normal, I can help.

Using MCA, I can soften and camouflage any scarring left from surgery and then recreate your lip line with a lip liner or lip blush technique.

Your lips will have a natural shape and flush of colour that will leave you smiling every time you look in the mirror!