Scalp Micropigmentation

For Men & Women

Scalp Tattoo_SMP_Storrington_Sussex

Hair Follicle Simulation

Scalp Tattoo_SMP_Storrington_Sussex
  • Do you have bald spots or is your hairline receding?

  • Do you suffer from Alopecia?

  • Do you have a scar on your head that you'd like to disguise?

  • Is your hair thinning and making you feel self-conscious? 

  • Have you had a hair transplant but feel insecure about transplant-related scarring?

  • Are you simply longing for the appearance of fuller hair or having your hairline back where it used to be?

Losing some or all of your hair can be devastating and may be seriously affecting your self-esteem and self confidence. You might think that people perceive you in a certain way because of your hair loss but you feel you have no control to change things. If you put weight on, you can go on a diet. If you don't like your clothes, you can buy new ones. There is no cure for baldness, but you can disguise or hide it. There is no shame in wanting to look and feel good.


I'm here to help you take back control! Using Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) I can help restore the appearance of fuller, thicker hair, or restore your receded hairline and give you your confidence back. 


The procedure is non-invasive, with no down-time and gives immediately visible and effective results.

Why not book a complimentary consultation so that I can chat with you about what your concerns are and what you would hope to achieve if you were to go ahead with treatment? I can talk you through what is involved  and what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.  We can either chat via video or telephone call, or you can come in to the clinic. All conversations are completely confidential.

SMP treatment prices vary from £250 up to £2,500 and are calculated based on the area to be treated as determined by the Norwood Scale (for men) and the Ludwig Scale (for women).

If you would like an estimate, please send me clear photographs of the area(s) you would like treated.

Your treatment will be spread across multiple sessions to ensure a blended and natural-looking end result. The time of each session will vary depending on the size of the area to be treated, ranging from about an hour for a small area requiring densification, to several hours for a full head treatment.

I will discuss a treatment plan and confirm a price with you at your consultation. 

Questions? Take a look at our FAQ Page


Download our SMP Aftercare advice here:

Thinning hair is one of the many symptoms of menopause, as can be seen in the "before" photo below. SMP density work can give the appearance of thicker hair along the forehead / hairline, disguising the areas where hair is thinner.

Scalp tattoo_SMP_Storrington_Sussex
New SMP Hairline.jpg

New Hairline created with

3 sessions of SMP


"I have complete confidence in Taania, and would recommend her without hesitation. This is based on several treatments I have enjoyed, always finding the Consultation thorough, professional and Taania herself being lovely and easy to talk to. Great care is taken to ensure as a Client that you are happy and comfortable with every aspect of the treatment and results. And I am delighted with the results Thank you Taania !"

- Sheila D. (SMP & Hair stroke Brows)