Lip Blush Tattoo

For Men & Women

Do you wish that your lips were always the shade of your favourite lip gloss?

Or maybe you have uneven lips or your lips have lost their natural pigmentation? 

Have you had lip surgery or maybe been in an accident that has affected your lip shape?


The SOFTSHADE™ Lip Blush  may be perfect for you!  

Pigment is blended with your natural lip colour to ensure no harsh lines.  An uneven lip shape can be corrected, small lips can look fuller and more youthful.


Best of all for lipstick wearers,  your lippy will stay put! No more smearing, no more colour-bleeding or having to retouch your pout throughout the day. Just natural, luscious lip colour that lasts. 


Your chosen colour is softly blended into the body of the lip, giving you a fresh, young and natural look. 

SOFTSHADE™ LIP  BLUSH          £329                                

Lip Blush Tattoo_Storrington_Sussex

Before & After Lip Blush 1st Treatment 

All initial lip treatments are spread over two sessions: a first treatment followed by a retouch session 6-12 weeks later which is included in the treatment price.

A non-refundable booking fee of £50 is required to secure your appointment and a patch test must be taken.

To keep your lip colour looking fresh, I recommend a regular Colour Boost. How often you will need this will depend  on a variety of factors, including skin type, aftercare, exposure to sun, etc. Some people can last 18 months+ before they need a Colour Boost, while some prefer to come and see me more frequently.


Download our Lip Aftercare advice here:

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"Taania is a total perfectionist and ensures not only brilliant results but a very welcome and comfortable painless experience. Highly recommended."

-Angela W.  (Lip Blush client)