Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention & Control Policy




  Taania Wood Micropipgmentation


All of us have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and I have really missed being able to offer you treatments. I am so excited to be able to open and look forward to seeing you soon.


My priority is to keep us both as safe as possible, and over the course of the pandemic I have implemented a number of changes which I would like to make you aware of. During the time the clinic has been shut, I have completed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control course which is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Ltd, the KB Pro COVID-19 Hygiene & Safety Course, and most recently the ISICC Pandemic Infection Control Program. I have made a number of changes in the way that I operate.


Booking Appointments

If I feel ill or have symptoms of COVlD-19, I will self-isolate immediately and not come into the clinic. This may mean that I have to cancel your appointment at short notice. I appreciate that this may be inconvenient but it is done entirely for your own safety. If your appointment is cancelled by me you will be able to re-book again or ask for a full refund of your booking fee, or if you prefer you may have a voucher instead.


If you or any of the people you live with feel ill or display any symptoms of COVlD-19 (e.g., a new persistent cough, or loss of taste or smell, or develop a high temperature) please advise me as soon as possible and DO NOT COME TO THE CLINIC FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT.


Please allow 2 weeks before and after having a COVID-19 vaccination before having a micropigmentation treatment.


Visiting the Salon

For your safety and to maintain social distancing, I ask that you attend your appointment as close to the appointment time as possible and that you come unaccompanied. If this is a problem for you, please let me know as soon as possible. Please do not turn up early for appointments as there are no waiting facilities and this may mean that you come into contact with other clients who are just leaving.


Please minimise the number of personal belongings you bring with you to the clinic and if weather permits, avoid bringing a coat. Please do not bring any shopping bags. You will be asked to place all personal items in a clean, sanitised plastic box. All items will be returned to you after your treatment and the box will be sanitised inside and out prior to the next client’s arrival. Please do not wear any jewellery. If you wear a watch, please remove it prior to entering the clinic and place it in a pocket or handbag.


As is standard with micropigmentation procedures, I already follow very strict health and hygiene protocols to avoid cross contamination of blood borne viruses. Wherever possible I utilise sterile single use items during a treatment which are safely removed from the treatment area between each client and disposed of as clinical waste. All other tools and equipment used during your treatment will be disinfected between clients for your safety. Any non-disposable items used or areas touched during treatment or whilst you are at the clinic, e.g., furniture, micropigmentation machine, clinic door handle, mirror, floors, etc, are disinfected between each client.


You will have access to sanitiser at the top of the stairs as you enter the building as well as to common toilet facilities where you can wash your hands. There is an additional sanitiser station inside the entrance to my clinic and I will ask you to sanitise your hands once you have secured your belongings.


It is now a government requirement that clients as well as technicians wear a facemask during provision of close contact services, unless treatment is in an area that would otherwise be covered by the mask. Please bring a facemask / face covering to wear whilst you are in the building and the clinic. If you do not have one, I can provide a single use / disposable facemask for £1. It is not necessary for you to wear disposable gloves when you visit the clinic or during your treatment unless you wish to do so. (In fact, you are far safer just making sure you sanitise your hands regularly rather than wearing gloves!)


As is standard practice for micropigmentation procedures, I shall be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition to the usual disposable gloves, facemask and apron I shall now also be wearing a face visor or safety goggles, and a head / hair covering.


NHS Test & Trace

It is a government requirement that in an effort to support NHS Test & Trace, I maintain records of all visitors. If you have a smart phone, please download the free NHS Test & Trace app from your usual app store on to your phone. Once downloaded, please register your details per the app instructions.

When you enter the clinic, I will ask you to open the app and scan my QR code.

If you do not have a smart phone, I will manually record your name, email address and / or phone number, date and time of arrival and departure and ask you to sign the form. Manual records are maintained for 21 days after which they will be disposed of securely.



It is a requirement that the clinic be ventilated to help stop the spread of COVID. Whilst you are with me, I will have the window open to allow fresh air in. This may create a draft so please bring suitable clothing or a throw with you to wear whilst you are lying on the treatment couch, just in case you feel chilly.



I have carried out a risk assessment of both my clinic and my treatment protocols; I will continue to monitor and adapt these as required, in line with UK Government guidelines for treatments in the “high risk zone” (i.e. the face area).


During your treatment

As a micropigmentation specialist, I am already required to adopt strict hand hygiene protocols which include washing and sanitising my hands with hospital-grade products before, during and after treatment.


I will try to make your treatment as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If you have any concerns about your treatment please let me know so that I can do all I can to address your concerns and put you at ease.


After the treatment

In order to avoid handling of cash I would prefer if you could pay for your treatment either by card on the day, or in advance using bank transfer, or via a payment link which I can email or text to you.

If you become unwell within the 14 days immediately following your treatment, or if you start to experience a new persistent cough, or loss of taste or smell, or develop a high temperature, please contact me immediately.


All of these new procedures have been implemented for your safety and mine.  I will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend them as necessary.


Thank you for your understanding.