Other Skin Treatments

Skin “irregularities” such as acne scars, vitiligo and stretchmarks can make you feel self-conscious and lacking confidence in your body and skin.


Or maybe you have been through radiation therapy and are left with the marks on your skin that remind you of the hard journey you went through?


You deserve to feel confident - no matter what you have been through, or what outfit you wear, or where you are. 

I'm here to help you so that when you look in the mirror,  you like who you see and you feel good in your own skin. 


Stretchmark camouflage_Sussex
Stretchmark camoufage_Sussex

Stretchmarks commonly occur during normal growth in both men and women, after weight loss, or during pregnancy.

If you have stretchmarks that make you feel self-conscious, I'd love to camouflage them for you!

Using MCA / needling, most stretchmarks can be camouflaged so that they are less noticeable, allowing you to wear what you want with confidence.



Vitiligo camouflage_Sussex
Vitiligo camouflage_Sussex

Treatment for vitiligo involves adding carefully matched coloured pigments to your de-pigmented skin to more closely match the colour of the surrounding normal skin.  

Your vitiligo must have remained static for at least seven years before I can offer treatment.



Download our  Aftercare advice here:

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Radiation Marker Camouflage_Sussex
Radiation Marker Camouflage_Sussex

Regaining your confidence and getting back to normal life after radiation therapy is important. I realise you’ll never forget the long and hard battle you faced, but I'm here to help remove the reminders to help you heal and move on.

Let me turn any radiation markers on your body into freckles instead!

I don't charge the full skin camouflage price for this treatment. All I ask for is a £30 contribution towards the cost of providing treatment.

A patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to treatment.


Acne scars treatment_Sussex
Acne scar treatment_Sussex

MCA / Microneedling is one of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of acne scars, stimulating your body to produce collagen and elastin by micro puncturing the skin.


Life throws enough challenges at us all as it is - don't let how your skin makes you feel be one of them.


Whether you have had acne on your face or your body, let me help you you be more confident in your own skin.